Thursday, October 17, 2002

Ahh...the sun has risen on a new day!
Night time again in my mid-west town, and I've got a day of stuff to report.
Speaking of that, report cards were issued today. I knew all my grades before hand, and was not expecting anything really *shocking.* Mistake one. A class I should have gotten an A in turned up as a C. A C!!! I have no problem with C's, but there is a huge problem when I expected an A. So, I cursed my wretched card. I said things to it that would make a sailor blush. Buts it'll be okay in the end, I think. My card and I will make up and hold hands, and I'll talk to this teacher who has irked me so...
But then, here's the real news! I attend a school that consists of, for the male population, primarily gay young men. I'm not joking. I can only think of five that are straight and single. So, when a new student arrived a few weeks ago, I blushed with the ideas that ran through my head... a boy, a real boy! And perhaps (was it too much to wish?) he would be straight.
I was sitting in United States Advanced Placement History, ready to throw my pencil at the teacher. I was tired, bored, and utterly cranky. This day, I knew, would never end. As I shifted into a more comfortable position in my desk, I saw him. There, silouetted in the door frame, was the more beautiful man I'd *ever* seen. I could tell he was very short just while I was sitting, but his body was muscled and tawny. He wore a tee shirt and jeans with what I assume were Birkenstocks, along with short, dusty blonde hair and a bohemian gotee to match. His eyes were shining and bright... I knew I was looking at the father of my one-day babies.
He walked in and talked to my teacher, asking to sit in. Mr. Lynch nodded agreement and this boy-god sat two rows over from me, isolated in an island of empty desks. I was staring at him, but I really couldn't help it. His body was so stunning! I could only hope I wasn't drooling all over my desk.
Finally, we got a ten minute break. He meandered out into the hallway, me following him like an adoring and wary puppy. He was sitting on the floor against the wall, looking lost.
"Hi," I said, hoping that didn't sound as lame to him as it did in my head. How could just saying hi sound lame?
He looked up and shyly grinned. "Hello there."
"I'm Kensington," I started, sitting across from him, but not too close.
"Well, I'm Josh," he answered, that charming smile never faltering.
"You new?" I asked.
"Yes, just transfered in."
"Do you know anyone yet?"
Josh shook his head. "This is my first day."
I grinned *way* too big. Definitely working my game. "Well, now you know me."
Josh's head cocked to the side, then back at me. "Yes, I think I do."
Of course, at that moment, Mr. Lynch stalked into the hall and demanded his class reconvene.
"I'll see you," I sighed, hopefully not *too* pathetic sounding.
He grinned and waved. "Later, hon," he ended, buring his head in a book I'd never read.
I floated back into class, feeling like I'd just been given a trip to hawaii.
My friend Brooke started laughing when she saw my expression. "What are you so happy about?" she giggled.
My eyes drifted in her general direction, I think... "Him," I responded, opening my text book again. "Josh."
Brooke narrowed her eyes and smiled a little. "Josh the New Kid?" she asked, her question laced with incredulous undertones.
"Yes, Josh. My future husband."
Brooke shook her head and grabbed a pen from her purse. "Sorry, sweetie, he doesn't swing that way."
My trip to hawaii suddenly looked more like a one-way flight home. "No...." I moaned, burying my head in my arms.
"Yep, he's gay. Pretty gay."
I glared at my bearer of bad news and sighed. Maybe I could convert him...
So, this is how I met my new friend. I was ecstatic at dating prospects, but I didn't count on what he *really* gave me. A new best friend! Josh and I have decided that he is me... with a penis! He loves the same things I love, talks the way I talk, is overly dramatic like I am, and loves cats (just like me!). We get to talking and it sounds like we're dating...but we aren't. We're just discussing the way we are, and it's BEAUTIFUL! We hold hands when we walk together, or he drapes one of his muscled arms around my waist, with mine at his shoulder (he's onlyl about 5 feet tall, possibly an inch shorter. I, myself, am 5 feet 3 inches tall.) I've discovered our mutual love for drama, as well as the reason he has the body of a greek god: he's a ballet dancer. I've seen his portrait shots for dance, and they are beautiful full body shots that make me tremble at the raw emotion he emits when he dances. He told me that if he were straight, he'd ask me to marry him. You know what? I know he's telling the truth. For now, he's decided he can be my gay boyfriend...and maybe he'll *still* be the father of my children.
Today, mi amore got down on one knee in the middle of lunch and asked, no, BEGGED, to be given a ride home. I'm practically in love with him, how could I refuse? We met after school and headed to my tiny car, where he sang its praises for its jeep-like structure. My car (a 1991 Geo Tracker), he revealed was the car he asked for from his parents, but never received. He said that we are fated to be together.
We got to his home and he asked me to come in and see his place. I dashed in with the exuberence of a child at X-mas: I'd never before been to the house of a classmate who had his *own* place. Josh was emancipated from his parents and lived with roommates in a two story apartment. It was a mess, as I'd expected it to be. He told me to sit while he cleaned, and he ran upstairs to change. I quickly started a sink of dishes and by the time he got back downstairs, I was up to my elbows in greasy water. He screamed something about guests not cleaning, but I told him that he could either get me a t-shirt so I didn't mess up my own, or I'd continue cleaning in my good school clothes. He came back with a shirt, and together, we made his apartment liveable.
When we finished, I set up a game of chess in the livingroom while he made us coffee. One cup and one game later, I'd kicked his ass (I'd mentioned SEVERAL times that I was a trophy winning chess champ, but I don't think he believed me till I beat him). I asked him if he was hungry, and he said yes, but there was no food he could offer me. I told him to forget about it and get his sexy gay butt in my car. He obliged, and I treated us both to Happy Meals from McDonalds. He told me that he would father my children.
We got home and waited for more people to show up: he'd invited multiple random people over that night, since his roommates were out of town. About 8 people showed up: he brewed the coffee and I cooked the pizzas that some blessed soul brought over. We were like a married couple: except both of us wanted men. But who frets over details?
We finished up the little house party and went to the local bookstore, Borders. We danced in the aisles and he read me poetry. We retreated to his home after a bit, alone once more, and he read me some of his favorit poems. Not too surprising, his poetry were among my own favorites. He told me about his life and the problems he'd faced being gay in a small, disapproving town: I told him about my parent's divorce and deep dark secret of mine. By the end of the that conversation, we were both teary. I was doing the dishes at the sink trying not to be overly emotional, when he came and nuzzled against my neck. I laughed dispite myself and flicked him with sinkwater... mistake! He dipped his hands in and came at me, and no amount of ducking could save me from the onslaught of bubbles that attacked me. I got an equal dousing and chased him, both of us squealing and slamming around. We ended up collapsed in the living room in a heap, laughing so hard we were crying. Finally, I had to go home, but I didn't want to leave. I laid my head in his lap and he stroked my hair for awhile as we watched cartoons... and then I really did need to leave. Before I sat up, he said, "Go home and don't be late. You have to come and see me again tomorrow, and I don't want your parents freaking out."
I nodded and went to sit up when he hugged me and told me that I was truly the best friend he had. He pulled back and looked at me with glossy eyes and gave me a soft kiss on my surprised lips, telling me to go to bed before the coffee I'd consumed killed me.
I nodded and kissed him back, rushing out the door to beat my curfew. As I was driving home, I could still smell him: an earthy, musky, man smell that made my heart go weak: it was then I realized I was still wearing his tee shirt.
:) That's all for tonight. I have to finish a government project.
Waiting for the Sun to Rise~
Fauna aka Kensington
I had a detailed explanation of why today was stupid, but I somehow managed to delete it all. So, I'm posting this.
ARGH!!!! I can't believe I just did that! I'm so computer illiterate! Stupid! Stupidstupidstupid! I hate computers! ARRRR!
Okay, I'm going to bed. I'll explain it all in the morning.
Waiting for the Sun~